Victory On Our Knees.

Victory On Our Knees (VOOK) is a movement that aims on propelling and enhancing the prayer lives of people, and seeing their lives advance as they are able to overcome the wiles of the enemy. This movement is a need in our generation as there has never been a time in history were effects of attack have become so severe and mass to the point that depression is now considered as an epidemic. I mean, this is just a sign of how most of the people are living defeated lives nowadays.

Prior to calling for this movement, I had been approached by a couple of students at my University… and it’s sad how you would find these goodly and godly brothers and sisters complain about how their families are dividing at home. How they are the only saved souls in their families. How immorality has risen on campus to the point that janitors would come and complain of how many babies were being murdered as the aborted embryos were stinking when thrown in bins and over the campus fence. How our schools seem directionless. How somehow poverty effects in our country are beyond physical, as you can now note the mental effects when people reason and perceive things in life. How STDs are spreading on campus. How curses are working behind the scenes, and people just wonder how things are not working despite heavy efforts. How lecturers think they are now smarter than the bible. How parents are busy watching porn, and they expect this spirit to be void in their children’s lives. How albinos are being slaughtered for nothing, and all we can do is feel sorry!.....Download full VOOK document

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