The Road to 2020 - Shammah Vocals 33

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The Road to 2020 - Shammah Vocals

Let me start by saying 2019 has not been an easy year but we thank God we're still here. Most of all from my experience I can tell a story and that story can be titled Asamala Yehovah as a nation we have faced a lot of challenges which affect us as individuals and even as artists, the political tension in the country which affected the economy has been a huge set back to the nation but still Malawi remained a peace-loving nation and we still see the sun and receive the rains because God is love and He loves us so much. We have gone astray but God still feeds us as a nation, we have forgotten His ways but we wake up to see the day, I can only see the grace of God here.

2019 has had good things too and in my experience in the perilous times God stretched His hand and showed me how He loves me by giving me opportunities, and I have seen success.

I can call 2019 the year of swollen limbs where we walk only by the help of God.

As earlier said, 2019 has been a successful year for me and  my secret to success is simple, I trust and believe in God. The faith like mustard see can move mountains if only you believe. You receive and soar.

In  2020 I am expecting to see the fruits of what we have planted in 2019 and I am looking up to God for speed and increase in my territory and not just me but the whole country of Malawi.

  1. Nangisha Talama

    Thank you for sharing, I have been blessed

  2. Nhlanhla Dhaka

    Trusting God - something I am learning alot from this series. Thank you Shammah for taking to to share... Been blessed

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