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No one can ever master the art of letting go. No one can become good at letting go. No matter how many times you have been hurt, when a new disappointment comes... it comes with another form of pain.
"Why is my pain perpetual and my wound incurable, which refuses to be healed? Will You surely be to me like an unreliable stream, as waters that fail?" - Jer 15:18 
Just as progress differs in the lives of people so does healing. There are certain people that can wake up and choose to never look back again and focus on what's ahead. But there are also certain people that wake up for days and still feel the pain even though the really want to move on... like the wound they have just seems incurable and all they can do is to try hard to find a way to make it stop beacuse it's painful.
 "When I thought how to understand this, It was too painful for me" -  Psalms 73:16
David once went into a depressed state himself and he really wanted to understand as to why things hapenned the way they did. He spent a good time meditating on what was happening, but what came forth was nothing but pain.
Listen, if you meditate so much on pain, it will only increase the pain and the wounds which will eventually really seem incurable. The more you sit down and take time to simply reflect on how you have been so hurt, the more you will empower and increase the pain.
One thing I have noticed is that pain becomes so tangible when you think of it. This is why even when you listen to a sad song... even though you may have been sad a year ago, you will still feel hurt and even join the artist in crying with him/her. All this just makes healing hard. Well, sometimes it is about still wanting to be associated with the thing you just lost. This just shows how some people have become so attached to pain that they feel they won't have an identity outside pain.
What do I mean by "having to become so attached to pain?" For example, you may have had a divorce and you're bitter. Sometimes, when you're not careful it can be your identity forever because you don't seek to actually let go of it.
When someone comes to love you, you always build a defense and go like all men or women are the same simply because of the pain you experienced.  It's just really sad when one becomes so comfortable in his/her pain, because fear to heal will be the product of it all... since you have and not know life outside the pain. Choosing to let go and not meditate on the past can bring healing a little bit faster. 
Choose to actually find something else that will hae you rather happy to meditate on. Choose to go into the presence of God.
Hang out with people, invest in yourself, love harder and make every effort to come out the best you can be through it all.
You can learn from your pain but don't dwell on your pain and make it become a reference point for whatever happens next in your life. The Pain is from the past, choose to live in the present. No matter how much you will actually meditate on your pain it will have nothing new to say to you. But the future has everything new for your life. And your present is yours to seize. Refuse to carry pain and walk with it all day long its not healthy.
Let Go!! Forgive your past!!Forgive yourself!! Live again!!! Love again!!
Lastly and most importantly as well, no one likes to be associated with a person that's always complaining and is always depressed. I mean storing bitterness and anger even chases people away and you begin to feel so lonely. The reason why some people don't have friends is because they are also nagging. Choose to begin to radiate love, Joy and peace and see if your life and even those surrounding you will become better.

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