Letting Go 29

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Letting Go

You can control how you act even when you can't control how you feel. Once you act right for the good reasons, the right feelings will come later.

And Jacob set a pillar on her grave, which is the pillar of Rachel's grave to this day. - Genesis 35:20

Israel journeyed and pitched his tent beyond the tower of Eder. - Genesis 35:21

I believe we are all familiar with the story of Jacob; how much he really wanted to be Rachel, but what he never really understood was that it was the will of God for him to be with leah.

Why do I say this?

I believe we can all recall how Jacob's name was changed from Jacob to Israel. But when you read the bible you understand even though God changed his name, he was never called by his name until Jacob buried Rachel.

Listen, to Jacob Rachel was the beloved, and when we talk about men pursuing a lady, we know that he surely did all the pursing a man can ever do. But what he didn't know was that sometimes the thing you really want, is the thing that you're actually supposed to be protected from

I always try to imagine the frustration that must have been on Jacob, more like:

"you give me something I don't want?! Just wait, I will still get what I want."

But little did he know that from leah, Judah, yes the Judah that is one of the most outstanding sons of Jacob... would be born from her. He wanted to cling to what his desires wanted so much that he wouldn't let anything stop him out of the way. You see, the reason why He was called Israel after the death of Rachel was because even part of his flesh died on that day. And as a different man he has to move on.

Letting go of what you really want can be one of the most hardest things a person can do, cause you literally have to let go of something you are holding very well. It leads to a lot of pain and its something that not most people want to go through, but sometimes you can never reach another part of your life until you let Go of part of your current life. Some people easily let go, they move and don't turn back... Whilst others struggle with the pain for some time. (I will explain in the next episode on that) but all in all the little steps you take ahead matters most.

I mean it must hurt to know that you may have to delay in some of the things you were doing but not doing anything will make you remain on the Same spot. It must hurt that you may never see someone that may have passed on. But remaining at the graveyard won't make them rise up.
It must hurt that you must lose some friends for the sake of your spiritual life but remaining with them may drain you.

Letting go makes you move out of the comfort zone you have been in - and it can never be easy.

Once you let go, you need to choose to act rightly and not driven by your emotions or the pain you may be feeling.
One of the reason why Lot's wife turned into salt is because she wanted to pick once again the thing she just left, she wanted to turn around to see how it was going on the other side. To which it wasn't good for her.
Constantly looking back limits your progress! If you want to serious let go, choose to leave it and not pick it up again. Acting rightly brings the right feelings overtime.


There is a big difference between pain and lack of peace.

Sometimes, when you let go of certain people what you feel is pain, and with God it heals overtime. But sometimes what you feel is lack of peace and that may be God communicating to you.

Always go back in prayer and find out what God is really trying to communicate to you. Sometimes you let go of people that you aren't supposed to let go... and it may simply be God trying to tell you not to continue with your choice.

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