Why faith 19

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Why faith

Why Faith?
For we walk by faith, not by sight.
2 Corinthians 5:7
The physical world is a servant of the spiritual world. Man is a spirit, and therefore he ought to operate from the spirit-realm dimension. Sight is the greatest enemy of faith. Sight is very cheating – it makes you take NO for an answer. Enough is enough! Tapping into the revival chambers requires the spirit of faith. The spirit of faith is the speaking spirit not quoting of scriptures. You only command what must happen – no need to negotiate and converse with stupid demons. The devil warbles and wags his tail to the curve in the presence of aggressive acidic faith. Spiritual transactions answer to faith ONLY. The physical world is a reflection of the reality of the spirit world. We’re created by God to be the commanders and not commoners. Commanders only give orders and ensure order– they don’t beg or plead. Receive the fresh outpouring of the spirit of faith in Jesus name.

Healing is by Faith And he said unto her, Daughter, thy FAITH hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.
Mark 5:34

You’re redeemed to reign again and not to
suffer again. Your sickness doesn’t glorify God
in any way. God is love – and love has nothing
to do with pain. It takes patience to be a patient.
The sickness you nurse grows. Healing is in
different aspects. Some need emotional, mental,
psychological and financial healing. Medically
proven, most of the healthy problems people
experience today emanates from mental system
shutdown. The mind is an explosive organ than
can generate and incubate sickness, anxiety,
depression and many illnesses. A serene mind is birth ground for good health. Man wasn’t
designed to be sick but to enjoy divine health all his days.

The only heavenly proven drug to overcoming
any sickness and disease is the Word of God
applied by faith. Wealth without health is a
waste. You will never waste away in Jesus name.You’re not a medical lab specimen – you’re a
divine agenda. Every mental, psychological,
financial, spiritual sickness targeting your life be CURSED in Jesus name

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