Nhlanhla Dhaka


Student at the Malawi University of Science and Technology. Son, brother and Uncle. Founder and President of Ablaze Malawi.



Before I even go further into my article, I would like to begin by sharing an Instagram post that I shared on the 5th of April this year, at exactly 00:02, after an intimate session with the word of God and a time in prayer. Well, as I .


Well, like my last article, I am building on an Instagram post I shared last night. I find it critical to extrapolate on it as well because I believe we are living in an age and time where a lot is happening that if our hearts are not fully anchor.


“Every deed has a seed. In other words, the deeds you choose to do in this lifetime create a seed for future generations” – Jentezen Franklin 

It was exactly at 19:35hrs on a Saturday night, 20th .

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