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“…We rely on what Christ Jesus has done for us. We put no confidence in human effort” – Philippians 3:3

One thing that we have to grasp so well is that we can never accomplish God’s will in human zeal. The limitations we have experienced in our service to God and others is mostly due to our ignorance. Yes, if we knew what Christ already did for us on calvary… You would find out that the blood of Jesus is the most precious commodity in human history. The moment you’ll recognise that the Cross is a 360-degree Victory zone… You’ll become unstoppable!

Whatever God promised you is already done and won. 2000+ years ago, the healing we desire, the deliverance we crave, the blessings we hunt, the grace that we need… WAS ALL PURCHASED! All you need to do is to receive by faith! Yes, you don’t have to receive Jesus by human effort, you don’t have to walk in God’s power by human effort and you definitely don’t have to rise up the ladder by human effort… you just have to receive it by faith for IT’S ALREADY DONE! No strives, no manipulations, no shortcuts, no pressure… IT’S ALREADY DONE!

REFLECTION POINT: Most people haven’t experienced the fullness of God because they are still full of themselves. Yes, you pray “God make a way for me…”, but soon after that prayer, you’re already contemplating in your mind of which Uncle to call and ask for fees! THAT’S HUMAN EFFORT! So, the golden question this morning is:

“When you are need or you have a desire, who do you think of first?”

If you think of God first in all things, that means you reckon what Jesus did for you on the cross. But if you strive and look up to you or others to have/do things in life… Then, YOU NEED TO SAY YOUR SALVATION PRAYER AGAIN! Your faith might just not be saved my beloved.

PRAYER: Christ Jesus, thank you for what you did for me on calvary in the power of the Holy Spirit. I refuse to be carnal and rely on my flesh to live and walk with you. I believe by your blood, I am saved, healed, delivered, wise, strong and rich in Jesus’ name! Amen.


31 May 2020

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