The Meaning of Christmas

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A silent night Suddenly,

angels in sight

Joy bursts forth in the heavens

As the herald from the King of kings announces the birth of the King

Creator meets creation

Sits in the very presence of that which the vapor of His breath birthed

Royalty has arrived in the earth

In a manger

Joy and smiles bubbling within the hearts of the men that sat in the silence of that night

Unimaginable to them, thought of as an unworthy and cast out

Who before eyes of men were seen as invaluable

Ridiculed and devalued

This eminent joy that bubbled within their hearts is where this joy that we feel stems from

Knowing that God

Yes, God, descended to the earth

Creator meets creation,

Creating for Himself a body of flesh

Eyes, a skin, a voice to sing

Descending to where creation dwells with one intention

To refresh and create in man a heart of flesh

Reconciling us to Himself

Presenting His presence as a present

As a free gift unto us

Undeserved and unearned

A complete manifestation of love

A freedom that we could never have

Wrapped in complete surrender

Death by will,

He chose to die for me and you

Redemption being the only thing

He could give us that we could never pay back for

A price paid that we can never fathom


See, the same smiles fill our hearts now

When we hear the Good News given to us,

Like the shepherds, like Anna, like Simeon, like the wisemen and like the angels we rejoice and thank God because we who thought ourselves unworthy and cast out

Full of filth and rags, never to be loved

We are reminded that we are predestined to be in Christ

When we hear this love story

We are reminded that Christmas is about a lover who goes to all lengths to be with His bride

Fighting through all obstacles just so He can meet her at the end of the isle

Where she will presented to Him blameless and without fault

And until then He will walk with her, holding her hand and keeping her from each fall

Yes, Jude 1:24

He will dance over her, each time reminding her of why He came for her

See Christmas red screams out the blood that was shed for us

And Christmas white echoes the washing away of our sins and the purity given to us

See, the story of Christmas is more than just one of His birth

It’s one of forgiveness and reconciliation

Of our birth into the arms of the Father,

The arms of a good good father

Of when we were made His own,

It’s a story of God, creator of all, loving me

Putting everything on the line for me without hesitation

Embracing my condition and exposing Himself to the worst by sending His own Son

Freely and gladly

Letting nothing drive a wedge between His love and me

This is the story of Christmas

Date: 03 January 2020
By Tawonga Gausi 2 Likes Register to like


  1. Nhlanhla Dhaka

    Wow... This is an amazing piece Tawonga. can't wait till i listen to the recorded piece of the poem as spoken word when uploaded on the podcasts page.

  2. Cliff ceekay

    Using talent for His glory. Great work, Keep it up!

  3. Priscilla Kachipapa

    Amazing keep it up..

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