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A little talk with my ladies out there. Ever looked down on yourself? Either because somebody told you about it or because you just feel so insecure?

There are times when you actually feel like you aren't worth it. You stand in the mirror and you only look at what you think are your imperfections

Probably because somebody said your nose Is big, or your forehead is big, or you have chubby cheeks, yes, people will talk and won't stop talking. But what matters is that you're a true replica of the uncreated creator!

See, the Bible clearly says, in the book of Genesis, after God created everything, he said Let us make man in our own image!

Just like they're!


Genesis 1: 26. And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; - Woman’s Bible

God the father, the son and the Holy spirit. You're the true replica of them!   Fearfully and Wonderfully made. You're the limited edition. There's no one like you, and there will be no one like you! You're unique, and the quicker you accept the fact that you're pretty, the better!


I like how Joyce Meyer, in her book, 'Tell them I love them' puts it. She said a lot of people look down on themselves, but if you convince yourself that you're ugly and nasty, you will act, do things and think like a nasty and ugly being!


You see, the devil tries to make you think low of yourself, to remove you from what you know of yourself, that you're the most supreme being on earth. God loves you, and he made you that way because he knew that's what will make you special!


Never let anyone change that fact. You're God's favorite being and you're His apple, hidden under His wings as the Bible says.


Psalm 17: 8. Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings, - Woman’s Bible


Never look down on yourself! You're worth the blood of God's only Son!


Sister, You're Beautiful!

Date: 03 October 2019
By Chimwemwe Angel Kamwaka 3 Likes Register to like


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