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He does it all for the family

Yet the spouse feels the contrary

Partly she is ashamed of his occupation

For it fits not the level of his education

Of all the jobs, he chose the most risky

Of switching bottles from brandy to whisky


He is always at the bar

Yet never once has he taken a sip

Nor with the beautiful-lost-sisters; sleep

The bar is his favorite fishing ground

For, it is where the lost souls are found

Be his mission to make them unbound


To rid of sorrow, they order a bottle of beer

And to win their soul, he serves it with cheer

So, they begin to talk, as bottles drop

Finally, they have found someone—the barman

Who can understand without judging

He pours beer into their tumbler

As they pour their sorrows on him

So, in no time he gains their trust

And sooner, of the TRUTH he begins to tell


He gives HOPE to the hopeless,

And help them find life’s purpose

To the lost, he shows the way—Jesus

To the lonely and the broken heart,

He introduces the COMFORTER—Holy Spirit

And to the naked-lost sisters,

He reveals their true identity—CHRIST


At daybreak he goes home proud

For never once has he taken a sip

Nor with the enslaved sisters, sleep

But he helped to bring back the lost sheep

And it is said; an encounter with the barman

Never left anyone the same


Moral: As Christians we have an obligation to reach out to the lost, not just to the already saved in the church. We should be willing to do it for the Lord, even when we know that the world will judge us. Moreover, the real judgement is His.

Date: 15 June 2019
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