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Love unfailing, grace unending

Favor unbounded by set boundaries physical and spiritual

Our God is awesome and his word is action

As he speaks things begin to happen

Mountains go flat and raging storms go calm

Sicknesses are healed and curses are broken

He leads us with fire by night and a cloud of Glory by day

Therefore, we shall never lose our way no shall we be led astray

He is audibly present that the manifestation of his voice is heard

This is the way you should walk on it, it says

A Phrase his offspring recognize and obey

God’s presence undeniably and indisputably brings about change

For he already paid the full price and he doesn’t leave us indebted to sin

His presence in your life is the epitome of his glory in you

The glory that renders you invincible, irresistible, supernatural,

It brings about in you a nature that is extraterrestrial

A distinctive feature that makes his fire in you unquenchable

All this at the tip of your tongue through the confession of your lips

There is so much to him, in him, about him that this ink on paper can’t accommodate the magnitude of his GLORY

We serve a living God and That’s why in him it is life that we have found

Life that can’t be restrained by this physical body we dwell in I call it eternal

He has made us flames of fire that to the devil and his schemes we are infernal

We strode the earth with authority Akhristu otsata amati Kinging

We boast about sharing in his suffering because it is that very same recipe that guarantees us of a share in his GLORY

An encounter with this God my Jehovah doesn’t leave tables unturned

It doesn’t leave you dormant nor your situations stagnant

When he meets you, you automatically confess that HE IS GOD, HE IS REAL

He is in his abstracity so visible & tangible like that neighbor sited next to you

He is so closer to you more than your skin is closer to your muscles are closer to your bones

That’s why when he speaks his word cuts through to were bone and marrow meet

And the knowledge of his majesty leaves me no choice but to choose him

The knowledge that he loves me with his life leaves me no choice but to surrender mine to him

And serving him with my life serves me right as he saved my life

If you share this conviction with me then make him a priority and over your life give him authority


Date: 11 June 2019
By Steven B. Mwangala 3 Likes Register to like


  1. Nhlanhla Dhaka

    So love this poem!!!

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