The Preamble 37

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The Preamble

First Things First

Psalms 51:11

Cast not me away from your presence; and take not thy Holy Spirit from me.

Every time I read the verse above it always gives me the chills that go right through my backbone and I am always amazed and how much the man had treasured the Holy spirit in his life. 

Well I would ask you, can you honestly say the same about the Holy spirit in your life? Well I am not just talking to the ministers that know without the Holy Spirit, ministry is lifeless. But I am talking to you as an individual that can you honestly say without the Holy Spirit, in your personal day to day living things would not be okay or you wouldn’t even notice something is missing?

Honestly the sad part of it all, is that not many people can authentically say, yes without the Holy Spirit I would be fruitless. In fact, most Christians live their lives without even honouring the Holy spirit in their day to day life, well at least I can say I used to live that way, but by the grace of God I now know and understand how there is a greater life waiting for us.

We are not alone in this world and we don’t have to walk this life alone, I mean certainly not after Jesus gave us one the greatest gift of all, that is sending the Holy spirit to us after he left to return to the father in heaven.

You see, when Jesus said he will send us the helper, he knew we needed a helper and he certainly knew we couldn’t live here on earth without his help. But it is sad that most of the times we reduce the holy spirit to the level that we begin to think its only when we are in church when we need his help, but no!!! we need Him in every aspect of our lives, we need to consult him in everything we do, and we need to have a close relationship with Him. Now the most amazing part of it all is that He too wants to get close to you, he wants to be part of your everyday life, in fact he wants it way much more than you will ever want.

Together we are going to understand and unveil who really the Holy spirit is, why did Jesus say we need Him? How can we relate to Him? And how can we cultivate an intimate relationship with Him?

One thing we know for sure is that if Jesus said we need Him in our lives then we truly do. Let’s grow and understand Him together.


  1. Nhlanhla Dhaka

    My heart is already sold to the series. Won't afford to miss an episode for nothing at all!!!

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