Discipleship Class.

Discipleship class


To be informed is to be transformed – and to be uninformed is to be deformed. Life without insight becomes an insult. It takes one’s understanding to be outstanding in the race of life. The primary purpose of this material is to unequivocally equip all the new converts with Biblical truths for victorious living after being saved.

Understanding of your redemptive rights and privileges is the master key to freedom and a life of fulfillment. You are not born again to suffer again; you are born again to reign again. Redemption is comprehensive insurance for a life of dignity. The world is eagerly waiting for the manifestation of the sons and daughters of God. That is, those who through an understanding of their divine heritage in Christ can operate like God on earth. That’s you! Welcome to the Christian walk of faith.


To be born again is the reception of the new life of Christ Jesus into one’s life. Every person born of woman is born of sin, that is, the sin of Adam. It is at new birth when a person receives the life of Jesus by faith. Being born again, not of the fresh nor of the will of man, but of the will of the Father. New creation is the acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus Christ into your life. Jesus now becomes your Lord and savior of every aspect of your life. It is no longer you that lives, but Christ lives in you. New birth gives you the jurisdiction to be called the son and daughter of God. You’re now translated from the kingdom of darkness and have now been ushered into the kingdom of light – the kingdom of peace, joy, victory, goodness, grace and favor. God has now become your Father by virtue of new creation.

It is by faith that one gets saved – for without faith it is impossible to please God. You believe in the finished work of the cross. Simply embrace the love of God into your life. Remember the story of the prodigal son, he had faith that if he returns back home, his father was going to forgive him. Superb! You also can believe the same.

Reference Scripture John 3:1-16, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Hebrews 11:6, Isaiah 1:18

If you are not born again, make this prayer:
Lord, thank you for giving your life so I could live forever in you and with you. I now fully understand that without being born again I can never enter your kingdom… So Lord Jesus, My Lord and Saviour, Enter into my life. I receive you so you can be the redeemer and savior of my life. O Lord I am all yours, and you’re all mine in Jesus name. Amen!

Author: Symon Luhanga


Justification is the process where one is not found guilty after having done something wrong. Imagine one who is not found guilty after having done something wrong. Imagine one who has been caught in the very act of murder, yet the high court judge concluding that they find no fault with the murderer, he’s free to go. Justification blots away every handwriting of ordinance that was against you. Whether you were an addict, drunkard, prostitute, fornicator or whatever it may be your sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus. Never judge yourself unworthy, but have a renewed mind as you know you’ve been made right with God. I mean, unlike religious people, family, friends… God will never define you by your worst mistakes. To God, no matter how many mistakes you have made, YOU’RE NOT A MISTAKE! So cheer up, and refuse to condemn yourself after being saved.

Reference Scriptures Rom 8:30-31, Romans 8:1, Hebrews 11:3

Prayer: Thank you Lord for justifying my soul to righteousness. I know I am right with you by the blood of Jesus Christ and no sin has any hold of me in Jesus name!

Now pray as being led by Holy Spirit.

Author: Symon Luhanga and Nhlanhla Dhaka


Righteousness is the very own nature of God injected into the life of a believer. It means the right standing with God the father. Only by faith is righteousness obtained. You don’t try to be righteous, as no man can make himself or herself righteous. Abraham received righteousness by faith. Righteousness is the quality of God in a human vessel that enhances answered prayers and qualitative intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Without God’s righteousness heaven is not guaranteed. Salvation grants access to God’s righteousness. So, having given your life to Jesus, make it your everyday prayer and longing to yield to the Word of God and the leading of the holy spirit. It is through the Holy Spirit that Sin-consciousness is purged from you and a righteous-conscious mind and an assurance of your salvation is awarded to you. He agrees with your spirit that you are forgiven, and that God is consistently working in you unto all-righteousness. And It is through the Word of God, that the Holy Spirit scans your heart and exposes everything that is unlike God in you.

Reference Scriptures Romans 4:23

Prayer: Thank you Lord for injecting your own nature of righteousness in me. I know and I know indeed that sin’s power over me is broken in Jesus name. Holy Spirit lead me into all righteousness. Amen

Now pray as being led by the Lord Holy Spirit.

Author: Symon Luhanga and Nhlanhla Dhaka

Lesson four: FORGIVENESS

Now that the Lord has forgiven, it is very important that you should let go of your past and learn to forgive yourself as well. If you can’t forgive yourself, it is very difficult to embrace the reality of God’s heart. Even before forgiving others, you need to forgive yourself first. Forgiveness is the platform to loving your neighbors. You see, Christianity is all about the heart. It’s with your heart, you believe Jesus is Lord. It’s with the same heart that one harbors guilt, regret, shame, pain, grief, jealousy and hatred. As much as we can still live on with all this heaviness of heart, but you should recognize that in the bible there are two sins that are unforgivable. First, blaspheming against the holy spirit and secondly, unforgiveness itself. So why driving the holy spirit away just because of something that you can just surrender to him and be at peace with him, and yourself? Why putting your heart in a position it can hardly open up to the holy spirit so he can be able to pray through it? Why putting your heart in a hard position for the word of God to become life in it? Forgive and be liberated. Free your heart, and let the King of glory enter with full force and all fullness. It’s from such a liberated and Holy Ghost filled heart that you can experience the wonder of God and his kingdom.

Reference Scripture: Luke 11:4, Matthew 6:15

Prayer: Thank you Lord, for grace to let go. Your love in me is all I need to let the past remain it belongs. So no more to look at myself and others in a bad light for I am forgiven and they are all forgiven in Jesus name. Amen

If there are any individuals that were hard for you to unforgiven for what they did to you, you just now say ‘I let you go, and I love you’… Believe these simple words of confession will receive declaration.

Now pray as being led by the Holy Spirit

Author:Symon Luhanga and Nhlanhla Dhaka


Truth without proof is fake. Christianity without power becomes a poetry. The Holy Spirit is the personality behind divine empowerment for enthronement. New birth is what guarantees you access to the infilling with the Holy Ghost. Speaking in tongues is a sign that one has baptized in the Holy Spirit. You can be filled by the Holy Spirit by asking Him to fill you up.

It’s not enough to just speak to just speak in tongues, you also must desire to fellowship with the Holy Spirit through meditation on the Word of God. The Holy Spirit is not a dove, a wind, or a fire, as most Hollywood movies put it – the Holy Spirit is one of the personality in the trinity of God. There’s God the Father, the Son, and the Spirit. All are one, but differ in functionality. You can never manifest your son ship without the indwelling of the Spirit of God. You need a hunger and thirst for His filling so you can take charge in the affairs of life. Friend, baptism in the Holy Ghost is not an option for a believer, IT’S A MUST! When you are filled with the Holy Ghost you dare the undarables and a scale the unscalable. The truth is Christianity is incomplete without the Spirit of God.

Prayer: Thank you God for you haven’t held your spirit to yourself. As you have freely given your spirit, so I freely open my heart to you holy spirit. Now precious Spirit of the Living God enter and fill up every corner of my heart.

Now pray as being led by the Holy Spirit.

Reference Scripture: Accts 1:8, Acts 2:1-4, Acts 6:10, Luke 10:19, Joshua 1:8 Author: Symon Luhanga


An African proverb says, “If you walk alone, you go fast. If you walk with someone, you go far” This proverb is as true as our Christian walk with God. When we seek God alone, it might be a robust process but it eventually becomes a burdened some process as we don’t have someone who can relate with our weaknesses and encourage us not to give up. Well, despite it all… that’s where the beauty of Christianity is unveiled as we get to find out that we have a God who went through all weakness so he could be our strength. However, as much as he’s all around us… but Jesus has chosen to represent his character and heart mostly through the church. It is in a church gathering that you will get to find that our love for God is only tied up to each other.

Here families beyond blood bonds are made. In a church setting, we look after each other’s spiritual, emotional, mental and physical needs. If you don’t have food, clothes or shelter… you can be encouraged that a church will most likely help. If you are finding it had nurturing a Christian lifestyle of prayer, reading the bible and seeking God, the church has the atmosphere to elevate your spirit and a family to help you in prayer, and through sessions such as bible studies, you’ll find yourself loving the bible more. If you are going through mental and emotional breakdown, there are pastors who can help in prayer and counsel you out of such a season. If you are going through fears, financial hardship and any other spiritual oppression, there are anointed servants of God who can break chains, and lead you into victorious life through the holy spirit.

So it’s not enough to just give your life to Jesus, it’s not enough just having worship music and sermons in your PC. I mean, It’s definitely not enough to just visit this website. You need to find people who can guide you and be responsible for your Christian walk. You need credible servants of God who you can be accountable to with your decisions. In short, you need a living church filled with holy spirit, and there you’ll find a family that will reveal the real Jesus to you.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for you have given me a family beyond blood. Make rooted into your house and may I live to honor and behold your presence for the rest of my life in your house

NB: If you don’t have a church yet, or perhaps are looking for a living church you can connect to… Ask the holy spirit to lead you to one right now. Now pray as being led by the Holy Spirit

Reference Scripture: Hebrews 10:25, James 5:18, 1 Timothy 3:15 Author: Nhlanhla Dhaka


Life is not having fun, life is no game, life is business! Your level of investment will determine your level of ultimate attainment in life. You give it all it takes before it gives you all it contains. Friend , there’s no future for any lazy believer in the kingdom of God. Never be too smart to serve the Lord and His house. Christianity is not a call to laziness but unto labor. Matthew Ashimolow said that if you don’t work nothing works. You’re not permitted to receive any salary at a company by just claiming and declaring. It’s only a laborer who is worthy of his wages – not a spectator.

Kingdom stewardship is a spiritual Heaven’s Life Insurance Policy for your secured destiny. Now that you’re born again, commit and devote yourself serving the demands of the kingdom. Total commitment and devotion to God guarantees a life of unusual breakthroughs, testimonies, divine health and protection, long life, unexplainable favor and many more. You can serve the Lord through the worship team, ushering team, intercession team, intercession team sanctuary cleaners, drama and arts team, advertising Jesus (inviting people to church, Christian gatherings and events and promoting Christian organizations and initiatives like Ablaze), witnessing to the lost, being a partner (funding churches, events, initiatives and organizations like Ablaze), Sunday school teaching and Sunday school teaching. Never be too bossy in your Christian walk less you turn mossy. God only lifts meek believer’s servitude attitude.

Serve the Lord with cheerfulness and thankfulness for it is just a privilege from him. Your mentality affects your reality, for as he thinks in his heart so is he. Every time you’re serving the Lord you ought to possess an investors mindset knowing that there’re dividends attached to your labor.

Reference Scripture: Exodus 23:25-28, 1 Corinthians 15:58, Galatians 6:7-9

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the grace that you have made available for all your children to be part of building your kingdom. It is a privilege to serve in your Kingdom Lord, henceforth make me a kingdom stewardship and let your love overflow in my heart so I can always have a heart to serve you and others in Jesus name!

Now pray as being led by the Holy Spirit

Author: Symon Luhanga

Thanksgiving for the Discipleship Classes

Appreciate the Lord for having attended the Discipleship Class and the impact it has brought into your life. You’re highly favored!

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