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“Every deed has a seed. In other words, the deeds you choose to do in this lifetime create a seed for future generations” – Jentezen Franklin 

It was exactly at 19:35hrs on a Saturday night, 20th April of 2019, when one of the most snubbing news was ever narrated to my ears. Earlier that day, two things went in my mind. I had just finished my fast praying for my grandmother as my mom had informed me about her deteriorating health, and in my heart, was a re-awakened hope of a new strength and life for my granny. On the other thought plane was the simple desire just to call dad and check on him because it really had been some days since we had had a conversation, but due to some other nitty distractions, I got caught up and forgot to. However, later that night when I saw his number ringing, my heart jumped in relief and joy knowing that God had it mind too that I say hie to him.

When, I got on the call… you could feel the struggling breath, perhaps, the thought of how he could best tell me the news went out with every word he said, but being a man, he went on and explained the news of my grandmother’s demise. Honestly, I was cool but I was numb, I just told him, “The lord gives and the Lord takes, may he be glorified for the time we had with her.” After that comment, the next thing I did was to ask how my mom was because I knew the death was heavy on her being her beloved mother and someone she had looked after and nursed for the past year. In that moment, dad was slow to reply but he just said, “She will be okay. Let’s just stand strong in prayer.” After that communication, we just discussed on my travel arrangements to the funeral, and when all was settled, he had to say his goodnight and cut the phone call.

Well, I still had myself until when I turned around from the window to face my friends, that’s when I realized my heart was then but beating slowly. I called my friends together (whom are more like my brothers), namely Symon and Alexander, for Wanangwa wasn’t there then… to let them know of the news. It was heavy on them too, but they had to be stronger than I. Symon then led in prayer but before I knew it, for the first time I found myself crying in front of my friends. Two combinations of sounds were dominant in that moment; the prayer of my brother and my uncontrollable sobbing.

After the prayer, I couldn’t hold it anymore but I knew I had to be excused because I knew it was going to be a long night.

Story cut short, this is how it was on a night, exactly this day last year.

So, who is this beloved grandmother?

My grandmother’s name is Francisca Zulu. Born to be a wonderful mother of 11 children, 6 in laws, 40 grand children and 40 great grandchildren. Her death, as crushing it was, it still was as significant as her life. Francisca is a perfect embodiment of strength, wisdom, godliness and love. I wish a movie was made about her, perhaps our generation would have to a lot to learn from.

Because of time and space, I can only be able to talk of one thing that I feel led to share about her today that I believe most of us can learn from. Yes, I am more than compelled to share about her life beyond her demise… not in heaven, but right here on earth.

You see J.C miller once said, “If there’s one thing that refuses to be buried but returns back with mourners, then it is the character of man. It’s true, what a man is survives him.” This can’t express any less of my grandmother. She lived to plant seeds with character. She’s the first person who redefined my perspective on success. While most live to accumulate or pile up records of achievements, she used to measure her life’s success by the seeds she sowed every day.

So, once again who’s this beloved grandmother again? Well, the answer is:



Well, first and foremost before we can focus on what sowing seeds specifically is from a spiritual context, it’s important we understand that life revolves around this principle of sowing and reaping. The bible says no man lives to himself and no man dies to himself (ROMANS 14:7) because everything that we do will plant a seed (good or bad) to others. As well as what others do, will also plant a seed unto our lives. Therefore, knowing that whatever we do is a seed, then the question perhaps is:

“Are you planting the kind of life you want to grow?”

Living a life of sowing seeds is living a life of investing into your future as well as others. Sowers are overly conscious of the fact that they will not live forever, and the best they can do is to keep the future in focus. They fully understand that their own lives are the first seeds, followed by their words and actions. My grandmother knew of this very well, and that’s why every word really sounded processed in your ears. You very knew that there is a processor and filter in her mouth... ready to release words as best as they can released at most times. If she spoke wrong or harsh (because she was also the straight to the point no nonsense woman), she would call you and try make peace because she knew the value of sustainability when it comes to relationships. Looking back, it’s more evident of this lifestyle after she is gone to glory because at a time when people felt like we will now be less united, more self-centered, forsaking each other and not taking God seriously, here we are a family strengthening bonds, more preachers being birthed, being responsible to each other.

All this can only make sense now that every time we saw her, we were in fact, imprinting patterns of living that are now bigger than us. 

 However, in living to sow seeds, 3 things are crucial to successfully sow seeds.


Once again, everything we do, say or think is a seed on itself (Galatians 6:7-8). Every one plants, but not everyone reaps… But less evident but more important is fact that everyone plants, but not everyone reaps a good harvest. The current generation of kids, current state of a nation, current state of spirituality, current state of morals and the current state of everything about now says a lot about how well the previous generations sowed seeds. So, let’s look at these three things that can help us plant better:


First thing is first, you must have seeds in your hands. Yes, you can’t go to a farming field empty, plant nothing and expect to reap maize corn in 4 months. Sowing into others starts with by becoming mature enough to have fruit and seasoned enough to have seeds ready to give. It’s the same natural pattern, a seed comes from a mature fruit… that means until you start bearing fruits, you will not have seeds to plant.

This is critical because my grandmother wasn’t educated but she has managed to educate almost all her children, and some have PhDs and one is actually an associate professor at Michigan. Most of them are doing well in life, even, portraying to be role models in the nation with the influence they have. But how could a woman manage all this? Well, the bible!

 Yes, my granny read the bible every day, and waking up every 12 am to her coughs… was the name of Jesus between them. Yes, she was a prayer warrior, henceforth never void of strength to support others. So, my grandmother had the word of God to give both in every night family session prayers and in her living. Indeed, the word of God was the quality seed she had, and her prayer time natured a quality seed of character. That of patience, perseverance and faith.

So, what do you have to give? What can you impart? How can you share about love if you are not loving? How can you talk about mastering emotions if you are not mastering yours? How can you teach your children a life of integrity if you are corrupt and consistent in your speech and behavior?

First, choose to mature in your deeds so you can bear fruits that will be seeds for the future generations.


As much as most of her children are well educated, but not all are. Actually, her urge to educate children span to her grand-children, but not all of us are as well. It’s the same way in the planting field, you are not guaranteed 100% germination rate. Sometimes, it’s beyond us as God can have his own reasons to write a story in His own way because you might find out the least educated is the wealthiest in other cases.

However, we all have moments in life when we become more teachable. When people come into our lives who are at that point comfortable to let us sow into their life, we should jump on that chance and opportunity to teach them. On the other hand, we also should be able to consider it as an opportunity and privilege to have someone who is ready and willing to invest into our lives. I consider it honor when someone opens up their heart and lets me speak into their life; it encourages you to go beyond teaching to a point of releasing a blessing even, ready to see God make the best out of their lives.


And when you have a seed to give and a person to give it to, the question becomes, “Do you care enough to give it?” And are you giving it so you can feel important, get a benefit, or get something in return? Or are you giving it simply because you want to help the other person, and you want to see the grow? Just because.

The above questions matter because it a seed coming from a willing heart that comes with a blessing and it is most likely to germinate and prosper. Such a heart can be one which the word of God has fully worked on. Until the Holy Spirit is our biggest inspiration, then our motives will always be vulnerable to insincerity. These are times when we help someone just because they are relative, feeling obliged to since they are blood, but not out of a willing heart. Such help/investment/care doesn’t bless God and He’ll never prosper it. But if we sow with a willing and generous heart, we shall reap abundantly (2 Corinthians 9:6).

On the other hand, I personally have learnt not to be a “Mr. Answer Man.” We have to be careful not to become a know-it-all, a purveyor of truth. I hope I am never that man. I hope I am a student 99% of the time. I hope I am always the on taking notes. I hope I am the one listening so I can glean and learn.

But occasionally when the time is right, when the fruit is ready, and when the seed is in my hand -when the other person finds himself in a teachable moment – I love to extend a seed to sow.


My grandmother was an amazing person, and though she’s gone, her seeds are still speaking. She lived her life well, and we will celebrate her as long as we live. However, the true yield to this article is your response. Yes, I want you to take some time to reflect on the questions below:

Every good thing about my grand mother was a product of God’s grace. She was saved and she loved God and that’s why she had the right seeds. My question is, “are you a born-again Christian?”

My grandmother made it easier to love Jesus. My question is, “Are you a person who makes it easier for peoples, your friends, your children… and about everyone Jesus, or maybe you are the cause of people to disobey God and live a sinful life?”


 let me ask if you are parent in these words: “Would your children stand a better chance to be saved if you were not their parent?”

Lastly, we might indeed be born again Christians but “What values do we want to pass on to the future generations… and what kind of a world do we want to leave behind when our time is up?”

Well, as I end my article, the truth is that all of us are builders of the future and writers of History. It’s an awesome realization, however, the reality of how critical this is kicks in when we realize we don’t have all the time to do this. Yes, life’s fate eventually intervenes everyone’s journey and the only things we have left is our seeds. If you are not saved but want God to give you the right seeds to sow in this short time on earth, please join me in the salvation prayer below:

“Dear Lord Jesus, I want to thank you because you die for me so I could a life that would guarantee me eternity and blessings to the generations after me. I repent for all the sins I have committed, and in your mercy, forgive my sins and become my Lord and savior as I receive you in faith in the name of Jesus. Amen”

If you have prayed this prayer, I want to congratulate you because you have just made the best and wisest decision you will ever make in life. To know how to proceed ahead in this life, contact us as you visit the about us page and feel free to check out our resources… I can assure you they will help you.

Stayed blessed.





Date: 20 April 2020
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  1. Noel Aub-rey Likoya

    So enlightening and impactful. Every word is profoundly thoughtproking as it trancscend a genuine call to a life of greatness. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Madalitso Nyemba

    Nice indeed

  3. Priscilla Kachipapa

    Ooh woooow we are all planting seeds in this world, what matters is just the type of that it godly or not.. As it is said we all are disceples we are either calling people to Christ or the opposite. Your grandmother has taught me alot and as i live my prayer to sow seeds that will benefit someone somewhere when am gone.

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