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You were once a lover of the things of this world,

Not just the acts but even the words.

Deep in the world of sin you sank,

Swimmed, enjoyed and even the water in it you loved to suck.

There was no hope to float above,

That at least you should enjoy the warmth of the sun above.


You could see the love of God in your life in every way,

The blessings, healings, and mercies but you ignored them anyway.

Your own capabilities you believed in every circumstance,

Behind every success or failure, there are people you scammed.

You only saw perfection in your messed up life,

All that tried to talk to you surely wasted their time.


“This is my life, I’ll live how I like” you could say while drunk or sober,

Every nickname in this world you possessed, describing how loose you lived.

Crime after crime you committed, but without shame you called yourself ‘am the man’,

Embarrassments and worry you caused your parents without pity,

With a lot of money and a heart hard like a stone, you couldn’t help around the city.

The definition of trouble you were from head to toe.


‘For what comes does not beat a drum’ they say,

By the grace of God, you were fished out from the world of sin,

You regretted every time you spent doing sinful and abominable things,

On that normal day, it took that person to preach Christ to you and you got saved.

As a new creation, born in Christ, now God you serve.

Your transition just like water to ice, from a life of sin to a child of the light is well known.

The cloth that blinded your eyes to see is now forever torn.


Now you possess a new Godly nickname ‘bishop’ because of your deeds,

You’ve got confidence that you are now a child of God by all means,

Totally transformed you are that some people call you ‘Mr. Transformation’.

At sight people’s questions are answered without need for more information.

The heart you seise is now soft like a pillow, warm like the morning sun.

Everywhere you go and in whatever you do, people knows that you are a child of God, daughter or son.


As a child of God, safe from the wrath that comes due to sin,

How do you feel seeing other people living the way you did?

Getting eaten up and destroyed by the life they chose to live?

Days, weeks, months, years passing but you remain silent like a blind man who haven’t seen,

You repeatedly say ‘Lord have mercy’ but you haven’t taken any action.

Like a back pack full of books is your mouth full of the gospel yet zipped,

You are like a rich man hiding his wealth while it can be seen with eyes closed.


Then what are you waiting for, for time waits for no one,

Save those different souls drowning in the world of sin, one by one,

Proclaim Christ without fear or shame because it is the right thing to do,

Don’t hesitate today, but just like it took that person to preach to you,

It’ll take you to fish them out before they get devoured by the species of darkness.

Open your spiritual eyes, look round, see and act quickly.


Are you indeed a child of God as you claim?

Therefore just like children obey their parents, why then not obey your father in heaven?

Why call yourself His child when you disobey His commands?

“Go into the world and preach the gospel to all creation” He said,

Then why do you turn a deaf ear, are you not sane?

The disciples acted as soon as they were instructed, why not do the same?


You are the light of the world, make a decision today to light other people’s paths’,

You are like a town built on a hill and cannot be hidden neither should you hide the Christ in you, act fast!

Preach the gospel of Christ to all human race that they should not have an excuse on that day,

Let them perish because they want to, not that Christ wasn’t preached to them, go and preach do not delay.

Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves, do what it says” He said.

Through His words He commanded us to go and preach the gospel; listen therefore and be determined,


Without fear or shame, save that soul, go and preach, it’ll take you!




Date: 17 April 2020
By Priscilla Kachipapa 1 Likes Register to like


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