Numbered Days

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You list your ambitions before you sleep,

You meditate them day and night, not one do you skip,

Things to accomplish, in brackets “my dreams”, the heading reads.

No pain no gain is your motivation by all means.

To achieve everything on that list is your wish.


Then you labor and toil on this earth every day,

No sweet without sweat, you keep telling yourself.

You live according to your heroes, those successful legends.

You have even climbed the longest heights,

All in the name of success, you do not have enough rest.


The list increases as you grow, a little more things to accomplish.

Every success is being recognized by ticking on that list.

You don’t want to live like an ordinary person, but make a history,

Even when you are gone, you want people to be telling your story,

You burn with the desire sometimes to live forever.


Success is poisonous, I have heard.

But you don’t care, you even use some herbs.

Yeah! Success is good but I hold this against you,

Numbered days, you can’t live forever.

Your life belongs to God, your maker.


As you live in this world therefore, keep this in mind,

As every second is being spent, God is still keeping His promise,

He is coming soon whether you like it or not.

Whether He’s going to find you cold, lukewarm or hot,

It’s your business, the ball is in your hands.


Do not let success drift you away from God,

Rather allow Him to be the foundation of your dreams.

It’s never too late to allow God to take charge.

Before you disappear from this earth while in sin,

And reap the fruits of your actions while on earth, you will see.


What benefit is there to have everything but later lose your life?

Numbered days is what you have, either you die or He comes.

Am not threatening you, but rather let the truth be told.

The clock is ticking, rise up and think about what you have been told,

Repent and receive Christ as your personal Lord and Savior,

As you succeed and your life still in Him, then you are safe indeed.

Date: 08 February 2020
By Priscilla Kachipapa 1 Likes Register to like


  1. Madalitso Nyemba


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