The Perfect Christmans

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It was said, “A virgin shall conceive,

Then she will give birth to a son, you will see.

He will be named Jesus because He will save His people from their sins.”

And it came to pass, no one was deceived.

Christ came on this earth like a human being.

He walked, ate and slept, just like you and me.

Days, weeks, months, years passed, He never committed a sin.

But because of you and me, He became sin,

So that in Him, we might become the righteousness of God.

Jesus Christ died for this crooked world.

If you are filled with doubts, go and read the bible, those holy words.

That when we believe in Him, salvation we should attain.

The crown of life on that day, we shall claim,

And enjoy with God, the eternal life He promised.

Christmas therefore, is a reminder of God’s unfailing love in our lives,

The unconditional love beyond man’s understanding, love that never lies.

He loved us sinners so much to give us His only son,

That which our parents and grandparents could not have done.

Christmas is the definition of God’s extraordinary love.

Christ Jesus is the perfect gift from God.

So precious even more than gold.

That is why His birth is celebrated,

Because in Him we have been liberated.

Therefore open your eyes my dear brothers and sisters,

And see beyond a mere celebration

For Christmas is not just a reminder but a gift.

The son was born in(to) this world not for fun,

Then don’t get it twisted, all people under the sun,

That Christmas means eating good food and buying expensive clothes.

All that complement the hidden meaning of it,

For Christmas is more than just a reminder nor a gift,

Christmas is the realization that Jesus’s birth brought about salvation.

Upon recognizing the gift of free salvation that is attained through Jesus Christ alone,

There comes the heart of repentance from sin.

This happens only to those who have seen how great the love of God is,

And that Christ is greater than a dollar or a cent.

Therefore Christmas acts as a means(tool) to allow people receive Jesus in their hearts,

And letting Him be born and dwell in them forever.

Date: 03 January 2020
By Priscilla Kachipapa 3 Likes Register to like


  1. Cliff ceekay

    Am impressed. Keep it up!!

  2. Emmanuel Chikweza

    Nyc and Powerful I learn something from it Keep it up

  3. Priscilla Kachipapa

    Thank you fam!

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