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For the son of man is going to come in His glory,

And all the eyes shall see Him and give Him glory,

He is to judge every man according to their deeds,

You will never escape your sins by all means.


Then why live so reckless?

While we were still sinners Christ died for us.

He bought our lives with His precious blood,

That free salvation we should attain through Jesus Christ,

And be saved from the crooked world if you must,

Wake up brother and realize that God is all that matter.


Not everyone who calls me Lord! Lord! Will enter the kingdom of God, He said,

Examine and search your life if you are sain.

For the time is now, seek the Lord and acknowledge him,

Deny the devil and from you he shall free,

For it will take only you not four or three,

Take heed then, deny yourself and take up your cross.


Be Holy for I am Holy says the Lord,

Refrain therefore, from the things of the world,

From the desires of the flesh, abstain.

From deceitful lips and this adulterous generation be detached.

For the day and time of His coming is not known,

Like a thief at night, on that day, He will appear in the clouds.


You ask me, who shall stand on that day?

The holy ones, righteous, blameless, the upright in heart,

The true worshippers, true believers and the faithful children of God,

Those who are neither cold nor lukewarm but hot,

Shall stand on that day of the Lord.

Date: 02 December 2019
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  1. Nhlanhla Dhaka

    Great poem... Thanks

  2. Priscilla Kachipapa

    Thanks bro!

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