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Being Christian is not a guarantee

That your path will be obstacle free

You can be as devoted as Job

But still the dark-one may come to rob

For every Jesus, there is Judas

But sometimes betrayals must happen

So that doors of salvation may open

occasionally Stephen has to fall

So that Saul may become Paul


Every prayer gets answered

But not always the way we want

Nonetheless, all we have to do is trust

understanding that “NO” is also an answer

Since everything happens for a reason

And for everything there is a season

It’s not every time that you will see a sign

Oftentimes you just have to rely on faith


Sometimes your light may grow dim

But never once dare to doubt him

For no matter how hopeless it may seem,

There is Moses for every Israel

There is a well for every Ishmael

And for every Hannah, there is Samuel

Just as in each Babylon there is Daniel

So, maintain your faith, sustain your hope

Date: 23 August 2019
By Cliff ceekay 3 Likes Register to like


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