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There is a place

A place beyond the reach of physics

A place just defying time and space

A window into heavenly realms of immortality

A manifestation of a higher reality

An enigma shroud in mystery

A place so invisible like the air I breathe

Yet so real than the neighbour I see

An atmosphere of his glory radiating

My soul fully transfiguring

Just so epic kind of way


As the deer pants for water

My soul longs to be there

A place of pastures so green

Streams of water so still

Of impossibilities being unreal

The natural becoming supernatural

Where his love is reckless and infinite

Dynamic as well as synoptic

His mercies daily renewed

And his grace so sufficient

As I take colossal leaps of faith


A place where experiencing him is light years away

from being enough

Not just enough to fulfil my galaxy-wide insatiable


As I kneel in surrender and prayer

Fully tuned in to his frequency

Taking in every moment of liberty

That leaves me dazzling like fireworks

Blazing like a red hot furnace

Moving from glory unto glory

in its 3-dimensions

A soldier in the thickest of battlefields

Driven by revelation and his manifestation

‘Open heavens’ is this place

A place like nowhere else

And all I need is to be there

Date: 02 August 2019
By Chawezi Munthali 1 Likes Register to like


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