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At the thought of it, tears ooze from their glands and make settlement within my eyes

They say men don’t cry but the knowledge of his love cremates the manhood in me, it renders that man-made statement obsolete and like water falling down a waterfall my tears flow down my cheeks

This is love in its purest form, it came not because we have something, it came expecting nothing back, it came when we had nothing in fact it came when we were nothing, literally before we even existed

God loved us when we were merely a plan in his mind

God loves us from our past and he loves us for our future

See, God knows it all and he knew, that one day I would forsake his love, romance with the enemy and he still choose to love me for what was to come

And it is that very same love that brings about a conviction within and directs your path to him once more

His love is like a mirror, reflecting my transgressions back at me and it forces me to repentance

His love sometimes, makes me feel guilty like maybe, I don’t appreciate him enough, like I don’t offer all that I have to, you know 

But maybe that’s because his love made him offer his life and I am supposed to offer mine to him as well

Interestingly, he tells me to offer myself as a LIVING sacrifice, not a dead one

His love, motivates me to ministration because when he pours it on me it overflows and I just can’t help it but channel it to others

His love like his word is like a fire shut up in my bones, I cannot hold it in and neither should you

His love upon you is not determined by who you are but by who he is

It is not determined by what you do but by what he does

And that’s why no matter how fluctuating your life might get, his love never drops in value like the Malawian kwacha

His love sprinkles renewal to our spirits and it leads us to praise and worship

Having the knowledge of and abiding in his love sets us apart, it differentiates us from the norm, we talk different, we smile different, we laugh different, we walk different, we shine different, our stature changes as if to say, ‘’KEEP CALM, I AM LOVED BY THE MOST HIGH GOD’’.

This is a God who has loved us in our transgression, a God who has loved us even when we did not reciprocate like the unrequited love scenario doesn’t limit him rather makes his love limitless

Remember, the whip that cut like a sword and made blood gash out with every hit as it tattooed him with blood wounds

Remember, the whip that cut through his skin, left its surface with pieces of his flesh at its tips

And with the torment, his throat was cracking dry but instead of water it was sour wine that he was served with, so sour that thirst was better relief

Remember, the crown of thorns that made rest round his head and was fixed on it not because it was the perfect size but because, the thorns punctured through his skull and made torturing rest within

Remember the 6 inch nails that went through his hands and legs, crushed all bone, squeezed through muscle tissue, cut all nerves and vessels, got to the far end, strained the skin and cut through it too

As if that was not enough, in his death upon the cross a spear made contact with his side, went in deep letting blood and water gash out from him

It was in this experience of great agony upon the cross, that he looked down on whom were cursing him and had given him this death by torture sentence that he said, “father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”

Maybe am missing the bigger picture here but what kind of love is this?

Who gives up their life for someone who is taking it?

And at present we continuously crucify him when we promise him things we fail to fulfill, confessions we don’t act on, we say am sorry and we do it again, we tell him he owns our hearts, when in true sense he’s sharing it with worldly desires.

And he’s right there calling on to you always, letting his love be the force that consummates your relationship with him.

So as I bask in his love, I have made the conclusion to love him back lavishly not with just my words but my actions as well

Misunderstanding his love has made me understand that he is the founder of love, it is his nature to love and that he is love

When I meditate and think about the degree of action to which he has reached to prove that he loves us I conclude that he is a Reckless Romantic

He has set the bar too high anyamata tili ndi ntchito koopsya

And when I ponder on What kind of love this is am left with 2 words

Reckless love.


Date: 13 July 2019
By Steven B. Mwangala 1 Likes Register to like


  1. Nhlanhla Dhaka

    Wow!!! What a way to express His love, and my position of receiving and treasuring this reckless love. Thanks Steve...Have been blessed. #Reckless love

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