My love

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It’s not and it has never been a race,

But with big limps to the lord I rush to embrace.

My eyes fixed on His… I fall in love with his gaze,

Forever His, and in His arms I thank God for the grace.


To my ear He whispers so gently,

With His embrace, I admit I am falling for Him slowly.

With his arm around my shoulders,

I should admit, I might stay here longer.

I must confess to you my beloved;

You allure me with your love,

And I am surely lost in your eyes.


His love is just so filled with action.

Though with goosebumps to my body,

To my heart it brings satisfaction.

I am getting addicted to Him just as He already is to me,

I dwelling in your sight is a place I would love to stay forever


Date: 11 June 2019
By Shapil Ngutwa 4 Likes Register to like


  1. Chawezi Munthali

    wonderful wonderful wonderful

  2. wengson goldonn msompha


  3. Chaplain Mussa


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