When The Time Is Right

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The seasons come and leave their mark

The tough days hit me real hard

Still unshaken I do stand

Hoping, trusting, believing

In the fulfilment of your promises

For you’re far for from man full of lies

Upon my life you harbour better plans

And you take delight to see them come to pass

In your own time you’ll make it right


Persecuted but no forsaken

Cast down but not destroyed

Onward I match with hope

Firing on all cylinders of faith

Driven by what’s eternal and unseen

Just at liberty with you my king

Full of peace not which the world gives

More than what we ask of or imagine only you give

Knock! knock! Knock! My God

In your time I know you’ll open this door


The enemy tries to swallow me alive

So purposed just to sweep me aside

Still you’re forever by my side

In you alone I place my trust

Because in your time you’ll make this right

My face will wear a new smile

My lips wrapped in lyrics of a new song

A gigantic spring in my step

With renewed strength I’ll fly

Like an eagle sky high

Once turned on is the green light

I’ll know your time is surely right













Date: 30 May 2019
By Chawezi Munthali 4 Likes Register to like


  1. Nhlanhla Dhaka

    Very encouraging poem. Thank you

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