My Lover

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My lover


In the midst of the noise,

Each sound trying to make known its voice,

Yet there is still a voice I long to hear,

To speak into my ear with the warmth so near.


On the endless path we will have our walks,

And to the unending stories we shall have our talks.

With beautiful melodies of birds and fragrances of flowers.

Our worlds together hold so much power.


Eye to eye with my lover,

As he looks at me, my eyes burn with desire.

For his eyes are like a blazing fire,

Into another realm I enter that is better and higher.


I am His possession and He is my addiction.

And with the vision we carry, we are on a mission.

The love of Christ is making me glow,

And from the inside I know the glowing will grow.




Date: 17 May 2019
By Shapil Ngutwa 4 Likes Register to like


  1. Madalitso Nyemba


  2. Noel Aub-rey Likoya


  3. Chaplain Mussa

    That's really powerful!

  4. Madalitso Nyemba

    This is amazing

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