A few Godly lessons by Atikonda Nyirongo

  • 30 May 2019 @ 17:05
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A few Godly lessons


Every day is a lesson in one way or the other. We may not really be aware that the experiences that we go through on a day to day basis are really teaching us of how we may handle future situations of the same nature. Let’s say for example you’ve never fallen down a single day in your life. It may be difficult to know how to handle yourself when such a situation is to happen or how you may protect yourself from getting an infection on a fresh wound. Every fall is your opportunity for you to protect yourself better, for you to pick yourself up better and for you to continue going your way regardless of this minor inconvenience.  

In this post, I will be sharing with you a few important lessons that life has taught me that I feel are necessary to share because they are of great significance.


The bible on so many occasions tells us about how love is the greatest commandment, about how it is important to love one another. Do you think God would be telling us to be loving one another if it wasn’t important? Would He say it so many time if it wasn’t something significant? I will quote a verse from the book of Colossians 3 verse 23 which reads:

                                   “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men”

I feel like this verse is really significant because it says everything should be done with love as if we’re doing it for God. This verse literally encompasses everything we do in our day to day lives. It may be in our school work, our dressing, the way we relate with one another. We should be able to ask ourselves if what we’re doing is with love or if we’re just doing it because it may seem necessary to do so. We should do things with a mentality that we’re doing it for God, that He wants the very best which means the best effort should be put in place in everything that we do. Living with such a mentality will help us to do things to our best capabilities and loving others the way God wants us to. 


Living fearlessly does not necessarily mean you do things that may be dangerous to your wellbeing without fear no. It simply means living your life knowing that there is someone who is in control and that no matter what happens, you will have the strength to rise above it. Being fearless is having doubts, it is living in spite of things that may scare you to death, it is falling madly in love again despite being hurt before. Being fearless is having faith even in difficult situations. The Bible tells us that the Lord has not given us a spirit of fear. He has given us a spirit that is not afraid to face difficult situations, a spirit that is able to say “I know that I’m going through a difficult situation but I know the Lord will see me through.” It pleases God so much to see us have faith in Him, it pleases Him when we run to Him because He truly knows what’s best for us. We should therefore live fearlessly and put all our faith in the Lord because He truly is the best solution. 


There is this song that I really love which says “Trust and obey, there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.” We as humans may sometimes forget that we are here on planet earth for one sole mission: to win souls to God’s kingdom as well as ensuring that our walk is in line with what God wants from us. One thing I’ve noticed about the word of God is that in order to obtain God’s blessing, we must trust in Him, we must commit ourselves to Him fully for Him to intervene in our lives. What should I do to trust and obey? You may ask. Read the bible! It is literally a Christian’s handbook on how one should live a life that will please the Lord. 


These were a few of the lessons that are important in one’s life. It should be our goal to be able to achieve them all on a daily basis. It may not be easy for everyone but you can start little by little and before you know it, they will become a habit and doing without them will begin to seem strange. 









  1. Fumbani

    Thanks. I have learned something from this as well

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