A New Perspective on Heartbreaks by Atikonda Nyirongo

  • 16 May 2019 @ 15:57
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A New Perspective on Heartbreaks


This topic is something that is seen as something horrible and usually related to tears, isolation and stress eating. I mean, it really is something that is difficult to come into terms with due to the fact that a certain part of your life has changed or has completely been taken away from you. People can relate heartbreak to losing a loved one, losing a friend or the most common which is being disappointed by someone you are in a relationship with. Some people describe heartbreak as a feeling whereby the heart literally breaks into a million pieces. Now I’m not here to say that you will not experience such a situation or that there are certain things that you can do to stop such a situation from happening but what I can do is tell you that you can change your perspective when looking at such a situation. 

Let’s take a scenario where a girl is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. The girl loves this boy so much but regardless of what she does, he still ends up finding a reason to abuse her at the end of the day. Her friends advise her to leave the boy but she persists and says she loves him and she knows he’ll change. A few weeks later she finds out that this boy was cheating on her and she goes full heartbreak mode. Should we say this was for the better or for the worse? 

Sometimes we need to understand that the people we choose to associate with may not be the people God wants us to be with. He will do everything in His power to take us away from these people regardless of the fact that we may feel hurt for a while. There is this verse in the book of Psalms, Chapter 23 verse 3 which reads:

                                  “He restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness.”

I will mostly highlight the second part which says “He guides me in paths of righteousness. Let’s take for example you’re dating a person that isn’t committed to living a life that God wants one to live and is likely to bring you down spiritually. God will do all that He can to ensure that this person does not stay in your life long enough to cause you destruction. The Lord always honors His promises and as a way of doing so, He will take away this person from you to ensure that your walk is righteous.  

You may be wondering why I chose to talk about such a topic of all the things to talk about in this world. I believe that most people have a worldly perspective toward this whole issue of heartbreaks and will choose to resolve it the way the world perceives as the right way to deal with it; listening to depressing music, crying for prolonged periods of time or even reading the old conversations that they once shared with a person who was once very dear to them. Have you ever tried talking to God about it? I’m in no way saying that these are wrong ways of dealing with such things but I’m trying to say that we need to be able to look at it from God’s perspective. We need to say “Thank you Lord, that person was not what You wanted for me but I know You have someone far much better for me”. The Lord gives and He takes away and when He takes away, we really need to excited because He will give you something a million times better. Many are the times we end up settling for something we want when it’s not actually something that we need. It may be hard to know the difference at first but as time progresses, you are able to see that it is not what we actually need.

It should be our daily prayer that the Lord gives us what we need other than what we want. That we should be able to discern between the two other than wasting someone else’s need. It is when we are able to differentiate between the two when we can be able to possess what God wants us to have to ensure that we walk in His path of righteousness. My disclaimer is that not everything will be rosy from here on out but what I can assure you is that when you have what you need, everything else seems to make perfect sense and happiness becomes something you don’t need to work hard for. 

Join me in this little prayer:

Lord I know you want me to live a righteous life and please you in everything I do. May you help me in doing so by helping me choosing what I need as compared to what I want. Help me to find a person who lives to honor You and will help me grow in my spiritual walk.   





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