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What is Ablaze?

ABLAZE is a movement that will propel youths to be passionate for God, and to live lives worthy of pleasing God. It centres on promoting this culture in synchronisation with the lifestyle in our time. It stands to make sure that it creates a graceful environment, and a world real enough that young people can connect to and feel part of.

ABLAZE centres on the belief that if young people are introduced to the life of Christ, the world can experience the desired change. For so long we have looked and prayed for peaceful, and loving families, Men of integrity in work places and different sectors of service, People of honesty and dignity etc – This type of world can only be achieved if we start investing and training such men from youth up. Young people are a powerful force that God can use. They have so much energy that they can prove to be effective feet and hands of the holy spirit. That’s why even the devil is targeting such an age group so much nowadays. With such times like our today, we can well note the amount of attacks and temptations one has to bear at such an age from the basic essences of life such as music to all corners of life.

Through ABLAZE, we tend to address such a concern, and yield a desired youth by relating to them in realistic terms. We tend to bring a youthful world, yet so compacted with the very true essence of Christianity (Jesus Himself).

The Values

Passion for God, Dignity, Purpose-driven, Impact, Transformational, and above all Love.

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Where to Find Us

Malawi University of Science and Tech
Blantyre, Limbe
Factory 29

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Phone: (+265) 884 545 428

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